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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

AEON Jusco 25 Anniversary Discount Coupons: 17 Apr - 17 May

Like This Sale Offer?

AEON Jusco 25 Anniversary Discount Coupons

Special discount for your shopping delights only in conjunction with AEON Jusco 25 Anniversary Discount Coupons

31 Days of Shopping Delights :)

Jusco 25 Anniversary Discount

When: 17 April - 17 May 2009

-This booklet coupons contains a total of 30 pages of coupon with each page consist of 4 coupons. Thats a total of 120 coupons!
- Enjoy discounts up to 50%
-These coupons offer cover range of products from baby stuffs, home, bedding, apparels, shoes, bags, fragrances, cosmetics and many more.

Check out these offers for Avent, Anakky, Sweet Cherry Brands:

AEON Jusco 25 Anniversary Discount Coupons

Check out some of these offers for Apparels:

AEON Jusco 25 Anniversary Discount Coupons

Check out the offer for Shiseido brand, present coupon get:

Jusco 25 Anniversary Discount sale

Visit your nearest Jusco outlets starting this 17 April!

AEON Jusco 25 Anniversary Discount Coupons

10 share your feedback:

Its really great to see 120 coupons with 50% off.

you can find more coupons @

WOw. That's great. Wonder if the coupons are FOC.

if u are a j card member ..i think u going to get the coupon booklet

by post? that's d prob cuz i changed my address n i've updated it recently on jcard database. just worried if they sent it before i update the address...poor me..

anonymous, hope u get the coupon booklet

anyone would like the coupon ? i can give per person 1 page each..1 page contains 4 coupons

just go the customer service n ask for it..

non member..where to get the coupon...

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